I'm concerned that I might not manage the full distance.Is there a shorter route??
Yes, the routes split shortly after the feedstation. Yellow arrows continue on the longer route, red arrows indicate the "short cut". This reduces the route from 100 miles to approximately 67 miles. You can make the decision right there which way to go. NOTE: Only long route riders visit the feedstation twice. Feeds are therefore roughly every 33 miles.

Do "long" and "short" riders start together??
Due to social distancing and keeping everyone safe, riders will be allocated arrival and start times. Riders will roll individually over the start keeping 2m apart. 100 group will start first followed by the 60 ish group. If you have chosen to ride with a friend you will be in the same starting slot (2M apart)

Can I have a late start??
No. We've allowed it in the past, and not only have the event team been kept waiting endlessly at the start, they have also had to wait into the early evening for the same people to finish. Car-less participants, please consider arriving on the Saturday and booking either a B&B locally or for maximum convenience a guest room at Sparsholt College.

How will a COVID Secure Check in work?
You will be allocated an arrival time and a car park to park in. You must arrive at this time and park in that car park (It will be sign posted) Know your event number, stay in your car and our marshal will deliver your event pack to your car. This avoids you having to queue and keeps socials distancing.

How will a socially distance start work??
Please don't envisage a mass start like the Etape! As the HHH uses open roads and we are committed to social distancing. Participants will be allocated arrival and start times. The phased start is scheduled between 07.30 – 8:45 for the 100 and 8:45 - 09:30 for the 60 ish. You will be set off as an individual. On the assumption that even if the last people take 8 hours to complete the course (a leisurely average of 12.5 mph/20kph), they will still get back at a reasonable 16.45 pm.

What will the COVID secure feed stop look like??
The feed stations will look different unfortunately. The full instructions will be in the briefing email and webinar. Social distancing will be really important at the feed stations as this is a place where we expect riders to gather. The food will be in sealed packs and will include, banana, gel, energy bar. Due to the current situation we encourage all riders to be self sufficient or carry a bank card to pop into a shop to refuel. We will be able to refill your water bottle with water or energy drink.

How will registration work??
Registration will happen online. You will be asked to complete a health screening questionnaire 7 days before the event. These questions will include questions around COVID-19 symptoms including about you and your household. You are asked not to come if you are unwell. We will also record your name and contact details of you and everyone that attends the event for Track and Trace purposes. This information is stored securely and will only be used for this situation.

Can I ride with a friend??
Yes you can ride with a friend! 6 of you can be in the same group but must adhere to the social distancing rules (2m) If you would like to be in the same starting block as a friend, you can let us know via our portal. Log in, click through to your HHH entry and then click the "Start with Someone" button (it's in the "I would like to" section). Give the code that you see to your friend (or enter the code you have been given) and we will link you together and do our best to put you in the same starting block. Any issues please let us know!

Where shall I collect my pre-ordered Jersey or T-shirt from??
We will have your t-shirt or jersey ready for you at check in. Stay in your car and we will bring it to you!

I didn't order a Jersey, have I missed out??
They are pretty cool ! We have ordered a few extra, look out for your pre event info for a link to order one ready for event day! We may have a few left over at the finish to purchase.

Is there a medal??
Absolutely ! Youve just cycled a very long way! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we cant put it around your neck. They will be laid out on the table at the finish for you to help yourself.

Will there be extra hygiene provisions??
Yes. There will be a number of hand sanitiser stations. Please do not be offended if a marshal asks you to use the hand gel. You will be asked to use it before entering the feed station and up on leaving. Our check in marshals will be wearing face coverings if they are unable to maintain the 2m distance from you.

Is there a cut off time??
You can start riding from 8:30am. The feed station closes at 15:30 The finish line will close at 17:00