I'm concerned that I might not manage the full distance.Is there a shorter route??
Yes, the routes split shortly after the feedstation. Yellow arrows continue on the longer route, red arrows indicate the "short cut". This reduces the route from 100 miles to approximately 67 miles. You can make the decision right there which way to go. NOTE: Only long route riders visit the feedstation twice. Feeds are therefore roughly every 33 miles.

Do "long" and "short" riders start together??
Yes - each starting batch may contain riders intending to do the full 100 or not. A timing checkpoint on the long route tells us who went which way.

Can I have a late start??
No. We've allowed it in the past, and not only have the event team been kept waiting endlessly at the start, they have also had to wait into the early evening for the same people to finish. Car-less participants, please consider arriving on the Saturday and booking either a B&B locally or for maximum convenience a guest room at Sparsholt College.

How will the start be organized, and when does the event start??
Please don't envisage a mass start like the Etape! As the HHH uses open roads, participants will be released in batches that don't clog the roads. Registration is from 07.00.The phased start is scheduled for between 08.00 and 08.45, on the assumption that even if the last people take 8 hours to complete the course (a leisurely average of 12.5 mph/20kph), they will still get back at a reasonable 16.45 pm. Any late changes to this schedule will be e-mailed to all entrants and also posted here.